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Identity verification technology

Smart,?automated, fast

Hundreds of AI-based analytics and?face comparison algorithms work together to?verify a user is truly the owner of their ID document in order to?enable secure?customer acquisition, fast money movement and prevent account?takeover fraud.?

Facial biometrics and document verification work hand in hand to verify identities of users to provide them with a secure and?convenient onboarding process. Let us help you reduce fraud, create trust and offer?your customers the experience they value.

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Mobile deposit

Fast, convenient check deposit

Our mobile remote deposit capture?is the preferred check deposit technology used by traditional and digital financial service providers鈥?as well as by not-for-profits to facilitate charitable donations. ?Our mobile deposit process is not only widely adopted by most financial service organizations and banking customers alike for the expediency and ease of use, but it also?fosters security and prevents check fraud.

Trusted by 99 of the top 100 US?banks

Mobile capture

Simple mobile capture. Bestresults

Mitek'scapture SDKenables users to easily snapoptimal photos of their documents. This integral piece of our identity forensics process lends to the security we're committed to offering businesses and end users.

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Financial service organizations, digital marketplaces and hundreds of other businesses around the world partner with us to provide the secure, convenient experience their customers value.

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June 12, 2019
Blog Entry

What is synthetic identity fraud

By Brett Johnson, keynote speaker and consultant on cybersecurity, cybercrime and identity theft

Synthetic identity fraud is a crime committed combining real and fabricated information to create a new credit profile. Once created, the criminal can then open fraudulent accounts and makes purchases on those accounts.

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